Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Life in Mayberry continues. You may think that
from the fun I poke at my little community I feel
removed from, or better than them...I don't. But
I do see the funny side of life in a small community.
I suppose having spent my first 30 or so years in
suburbia I catch the funnies more quickly.

Last night at the highschool baseball game a giggle
swept through the bleachers where I was sitting.
I turned to see the source of the giggle and it was
a little boy with his pants pulled down, just going
about his business. I have been told, since moving
to Mayberry, that one of the easiest ways to potty
train a boy is to let him "go" off the front porch. I
guess that could work when you live down the gravel
and on 40 acres with no neighbors in sight, as we do.
I do know that the men in my family consider the
entire 40 acres we live on as their own personal
powder room.

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