Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Job 12:12 "Wisdom is with aged men,
And with length of days, understanding."

I ran to show this to Kent a few minutes ago because
next month he turns 50. This has to become his
life verse from now on! Actually, many years ago
Kent and I came across this quote and we have clung
tightly to it ever since.

"Maturity is worth all that comes before it."

Maybe this is so near and dear to my heart because I
am so extremely short. I never got the babysitting jobs,
my very tall best friend did...even tho' I was sure I could
do a better job (smirk). I don't mind being short, in fact,
I rather enjoy it, but I didn't like it when people felt I
wasn't capable of something because of my size.

Kent and I have had some very funny experiences with
this. Once I was pregnant with child no. 2 and they didn't
want to let me on to the golf course because no one under
15 was allowed. Kent was the recipient of many angry
looks whenever I was pregnant. I was Wanda the Walrus
and looked so young. He was definitely considered the
bad guy. And I didn't even have baby no. 1 'till I was 23.

I have even had people think he was my grandfather. He
went grey rather young. (Not because of me! Maybe the
kids had something to do with it.)

But, really, I love being in the "over 40 club" and I look
forward to being in my 50's. It is fun for me to begin to
look a little mature. And on top of all that, the older I have
become, the more confidence I have gained, both in myself,
and most of all in God's providence for my life. Maybe I
don't take myself so seriously, maybe I am more relaxed,
maybe I have seen God's hand work over the years in such
perfect ways, whatever the reason maturity is definitely
worth the energy and non-wrinkles of earlier years.

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