Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The ladies group in our church is titled JOY.
It's the familiar acronym for Jesus, Others and
You. We even sing the JOY song (which I think
is a little silly) every time we meet. Last night
I hosted the meeting at my house. The hostess
always get to choose a theme for the food. The
theme last night was to try a new recipe-to
represent NEW LIFE- or resurrect an old
recipe-to represent, what else, the RESURRECTION.

I thought it was cute, and the food was great,
however a few of the ladies here in Mayberry,
a/k/a Doniphan, turned up their noses at my
asparagus casserole...I thought it was delish.
These ladies are my dear friends and I do
thank God for their place in my life.

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