Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Turkey Calls,

This is the time of year that turkeys are calling
incessantly at my home. Whether or not these
are real turkeys is up for discussion.

There are four basic types of calls that the boys
use. The first is a mouth call. These live full time
in my refrigerator next to the penicillin for the
animals. They fall out every time I grab for the
butter. The second is a type of box that is
rectangular with a handle. (You can tell that I
am not the one who uses these calls.) Then there
is one that is round and filled with a resiny substance
that you rub with a type of stick. The fourth is less
expensive, it is a call the boys do with their very own

Day and night all I hear is blublublublublu. The only
reprieve is when they are in the woods listening for
the critters. I love DST because now I don't have to
get them up at 4:45 A.M. I can wait till 5:45...when I
am already up myself.

All this calling reminds me of the many verses in Proverbs
about the "Chattering fool." Maybe if they actually
ever got one I would feel different. It seems like a lot
of noise and work for so little return. (They have the
deer thing down pat as all the mounts in my family
room prove.) Of course, I love the time they spend
in the woods, and all the planning and the family
socializing between the brothers is great.

Maybe it is just that the constant gobbling noise is
turning me into a chattering fool.

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