Monday, April 10, 2006

Thoughts on Taxes and Things

Today I overheard an explanation by my husband to
son #3 on homeschooling and taxes. He explained that
we pay taxes to government schools, and then we
turn around and we buy books and supplies in order
to school at home. I was reminded of the movie we
were watching last night.

In Kidnapped Allen Breck is explaining to Davy Balfour
about the highland taxes. He said, (and I paraphrase to
some extent) "Davy, my people pay taxes, and heavily
too, to your King George. And then they collect a second
tax and send it to the true king over the water."

Davy asked, "They pay two taxes? I call that noble!"

Allan responded, "Noble? They are staunch, Davy!"

"Staunch" rates right up there with "Stayed" and "Staid"
as one of my favorite adjectives.

May the Lord keep us staunch in our quest for teaching
our children.

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