Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunburns and Such

Yesterday caught me offguard. I almost never travel
in the summer without carrying sunscreen with me,
but we were at a softball tournament and we all got
sunburned. My boys, especially, are quite red. Oh
well, I guess I just didn't expect the early April sun
to be so potent. Time to refurbish my tote bag. I did
have water, frozen in juice bottles, and snacks, to save
on eating out...but the lawn chairs and the sunscreen
that I don't leave home without, hmmm.

I was agitated yesterday, as I am so often, because the
list of things to do was so long. I read somewhere that
whatever a man is doing he feels it is the thing he is
supposed to be doing. So, if he is washing the car, he is
comfortable in his mind that he should be washing the
car. If he is napping, ditto. But a woman, no matter what
she is doing feels she should be doing something
else. If she is doing laundry, she should be weeding the
flowers, or vacuuming, or cleaning out closets or whatever!
She is never comfortable in her mind.

Sometimes when I know I am not going to be comfortable
no matter what, because the number of jobs is just way too big,
I ask Kent for help. I just show him my list and let him
choose what I should do for the day. That way I know that
I am doing what will bring the most peace to the home,
even if I have to step over piles of laundry on the way to
the door. He won't fuss over what he has told me to ignore.
He isn't a big fusser, but this is a method that works for us.

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