Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Since I can't be beautiful I want to look interesting.
That has always described my view of my outer
being. So, that being the case, today I went and
got a tizzy perm. 16 year old son said, "It looks
good." 8 year old daughter said, "Well, you're not
exactly beautiful." She is rather brutally honest...
we are still working on the "if you don't have any
thing nice to say, don't say anything at all." Actually,
I like it though, and I think Kent will too. The other
two boys probably won't have an opinion.

This reminds me though of the eternal struggle between
the outer and the inner man (woman in this case). The
struggle between wanting to be the woman God wants
me to be and the pull to be what the world presents as

Girltalk has some good thoughts on modesty and what pleases
God as far as the outer person is concerned.

The books Every Man's Battle, by Stephen Arterburn and
Every Woman's Battle by Stephanie Ethridge are
invaluable resources in today's society. When I first
peaked into Every Man's Battle, I thought to myself, "I
don't think so, my precious boys aren't going to read this."
But then Kent devoured it and told me that it was the book
he needed when he was a young man. It has made quite
an impact on our three boys (ages 16 and up). We don't
even have TV, but you can't escape what you are surrounded
with day by day.

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