Friday, April 07, 2006

Pet Peeves

One of my pettest of pet peeves is plastic forks that
are so cheap that their tines bend when you try to
stick them into the food you are attempting to eat.

Another gripe I have is when a "writer" tries to
continue another writer's series. For instance. Gene
Stratton Porter, who wrote Freckles, and many
other books, was a wonderful writer. (You do need to
screen a few of her lesser known books because she
was a bit prejudiced towards some people groups.)
However, her books are wholesome, interesting and
fun. But, when her daughter tried to continue with some
more books using the same characters, the very fiber of
the characters change. It is so disappointing. I have
found the same with other writers also. Ho Hum...I
guess the lesson learned is to stick with the originals.

However, if you enjoy children's literature, you should
check out Semicolon with their focus on children's
poetry this month.

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