Monday, April 03, 2006


Psalm 104:19,24,31

"He appointed the moon for seasons; the sun knows
its going down....O Lord, how manifold are Your
works! In wisdom you have made them all....May
the glory of the Lord endure forever; May the Lord
rejoice in His works."

Spring is always a good time to consider the seasons.
One kindergarten teacher in our community tells this
story about a little boy she was screening for school.
She asked him what the four seasons were and his
reply is priceless. "There is deer season, turkey
season, gigging season and bow season."

Only in Mayberry.

Honestly, since I have lived here outside of "Mayberry"
now for over 14 years I also have come to have a
different set of seasons than most people. There is
peeper season. It begins in February usually. You
leave your window open on a night following a warm
day and you will hear a few peepers (little frogs)...and
as the days grow into March and April they grow in
number and intensity. I think they must be like the
crickets, the warmer it is the faster they peep. At the
beginnng of April is bullfrog season. They are loud.
Tyler, when he was about 6, stuck his head out the door
one night and said, "What's that scary noise." It was
bullfrogs, of course, they are a bit overwhelming.

In the middle of May comes firefly season. First a few
pop up, and then by the beginning of June it looks as
though the whole sky has landed in the field outside
my bedroom window. But they only last till sometime
in July.

Turtle season is in June and following. That is when
the turtles all cross the road. We judge our car trips
by how many turtles we see crossing.

In August comes gollywhomper season...some call it
snakedoctor season. I don't know their real name but
they are the huge dragon/damsel flies that buzz around
the yard during the hot muggy days of midsummer.
There will be thousands of them in sight at one time.

Of course there is fly season and mosquito season, but
they are not fun to think about. In September, towards
the end, when it begins to cool a little, is glowworm season.
The little glowworms are fun because they disappear right
before your eyes.

There are other seasons too numerous to mention. Oh, and
by the way, my household is also regulated around deer,
turkey, and bow season...I am never allowed to forget those
important times. More on those later.


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