Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My sister, mother and I joined forces to hold a
garage sale in St. Charles, at my sister,s home,
this past weekend. Living "down the gravel"
makes holding a garage sale in Mayberry a bit
hard. But Becky lives on a busy street, so we headed
north to have it there.

My share of the profit is going towards a Mission
Trip to Mexico that my family is taking this summer.
We are going under the auspices of Campus Crusade
and are very excited. However, that is a post for a
different day.

A telling incident occured at the garage sale. My boys
and their boy cousins grew up playing "war" with pellet
guns. Hours and hours were spent at this game. But
they are all grown, or nearly so, and we decided it was
time to let the pellet guns go.

When a mom with little girls would come up to the table
we overheard these types of comments, "Oh, that is
horrible, they look so real." But when a dad with boys
would come up to the table, we would hear the following,
"Oh, wow guys, look here, we need these!" I was reminded
of Blest With Boys and her Boy-Raising Manifesto.

God created men and boys with such a desire to
conquer and protect and fight. Let us as women not try to
shortcircuit that original purpose of God. Let's channel
it, as mothers, into good and holy action. I remind my guys
daily that they are the protectors, the conquerors, and that
my daughter and I are in their care. And then I pray for them
to be filled with the wisdom, grace and mercy of our Lord as
they go about their manly duties.

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