Monday, January 01, 2007

I told you Oscar was coming. He is now here! Billy, Tyler, Steve and
D.Jay went to meet him at the airport.

Billy wrote about their adventures in getting to Little Rock here.

And here is their first picture of Oscar; he is glad to be back on
firm ground again. He left from Little Rock to drive to Kansas City
for a conference.

Last night he finally arrived back in Mayberry. We fed him a sandwich
and then dragged him off to a New Year's Eve party. He loved the food
because NO VEGETABLES were in sight! After his long drive and the
loud and crowded party I asked him if he was tired. He said, "Tired?
No, I'm numb." We are so excited to hear him speak this week, and
we have all sorts of Mayberrian American experiences for him to join
us in.


Billy and Jenn said...

Do you know you have the same picture twice?

Laurie said...

I think I fixed it, but thanks I'll look again.

e-Mom said...

Tire? No I'm numb... what a great line. I'll remember that one. Glad Oscar arrived safely. :~)