Friday, January 26, 2007

Mom had her first chemo treatment today. She begins
the radiation in a week and a half. We planned to go
with her to buy her wig yesterday, but the timing
didn't work out. We were also hoping to meet Dr. Vulture,
but didn't have a chance. We were able to go check o
out Hope Lodge which is the place Mom and Dad will stay
while she is having radiation treatments. It will be
such a help for them to not have the long commute during
traffic every morning.

Mom invited her cancer doctor to come and visit and
float the beautiful Current River after she gets
through her treatments. Her doctor said that she
has visited patients before after they finished their
treatments. If will be interesting to see if she
really does leave The Big City to visit us here in


Laura and Matt said...

I really hope you mom gets well and can bring her doctor down to come and visit. She is such a wonderful person and a joy to be around!

Tammy said...

I'll be praying for your mom, Laura!

DeRev said...

Thanks Laurie and we will pray for you as well as you tend to your mom. Glad you enjoyed Ohio...