Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things and lots of things make me feel cluttered
and nervous, but objects of delight are a comfort
to my soul. This year I received objects of
delight as gifts for Christmas.

My fun and feisty MIL, who does not like Christmas
(or any other) shopping, none-the-less pulled this
rabbit out of the hat this year. She bought it
in Williamsburg. Isn't a beauty?

My own Mumsie, knowing that Kent and I are trying
to replace some of the Java we drink with herbal
and green teas, gave us this cheerful teakettle. It
has a great whistle. The first morning I used it
the whole household was awakened by it. There is
just more ambience about heating your water in a
teakettle vs. heating it in the micro.

G'ma Opal gave us a quilt. I can't take a picture of
it because it is the wee hours of the morning and people
are still snuggled under it (DH and Princess Daughter
because she woke up with a bad dream). I'll post the
picture later.

G'ma said to me as I was looking at the quilt, "Now
I've given quilts to 5 out of my 6 grand-daughters."
I whispered to Mom, "Do you think she's trying to
communicate something by giving away all her quilts?"
Mom replied, "No, she's just afraid of the mice ruining
her quilts."


e-Mom said...

You received some lovely gifts! I still use a kettle to make tea too (instead of the microwave). We loved Colonial Williamsburg... your new new pot is a delight. I look forward to seeing a photo of your new quilt too. :~)

Despite the fact that we live in the big city, our orange kitty has figured out how to hunt mice. Does G. Opal own a cat?

Laurie said...

e-mom, No. Over the years she's owned dozens, but now she hasn't a one. I think she gets too much fun out of setting the mousetraps to get another kitty.

Is your orange kitty a tiger? I love tiger cats.