Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yesterday the guys, and Princess Daughter, loaded
our biggest hog, I mean cow, to take to the butcher.
We are all aquiver to get some fresh beef. It is
the best. I wish I could invite all of you to a
nice BBQ to try some.

Oscar got to help load her. I wish I had been here
to take pictures. It was definitely a new experience
for him.

The butcher asked us over the phone, ahead of time, to
estimate her weight. Kent said, "Oh, I think at least
1100 pounds." She weighed in at nearly 1600. This
particular butcher doesn't usually take cows that
large, but, since we had her there he went ahead and
kept her, however he did say, "That's the last time
I ask you to estimate the weight of a cow!"

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