Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New From the Farm

I've not given an update in this arena for a bit.
There's not a whole lot happening that would be of
interest. Mainly we just ask the same two questions
on a daily basis.

1. Will there be enough hay to last the winter?

2. Did the hose freeze last night?

Oh, there is one more question.

3. How could it get more muddy than it is now?
I don't know how, but it always does.


Tammy said...

This was cute, Laurie!

Let's see...ours would be:

1. Will there be enough firewood for the week?

2) Did the puppy chew on THAT?

3) How did the laundry pile double in size in just one day? Can we possibly have any more dirty laundry?

And the next day the answer's always the same...Yes!

Seriously, hearing of your questions makes me want to come by and just smell the hay!

Laurie said...

Tammy, you would be VERY welcome! We use firewood too, and how does the laundry pile double that quickly? I want to know.