Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Women are more important than men." This was
a statement made at church this Sunday. Then
my wise friend added the following, "That is a
politically correct statement."

Everywhere I turn, both in my circle of Christian
relationships and in my circle of those who aren't
Christian, the idea of women being more capable,
more worthy, and of more importance prevails.

Amanda at Wittingshire has a great post on raising
men. I fear that we are turning into a society that
not only values women over men, but one that also
prepares women intentionally to take the place that
God has given to men.

Tip of the bonnet to Chrysalis.


Tammy said...

I agree!
You know, I think what happened that because the reverse was true for so long (men being more valued than women) when the women's movement came along things just swung way too far in the opposite direction.
God is no respector of persons ...and I agree- I think that a greater focus on raising sons should be emphasized.
I only have daughters but hey- they may one day be married to little boys growing up right now.

Laura and Matt said...

Your post is awesome! This is along the lines of what we've been learning in Sunday School. I've been planning on writing something on this point. I do believe our society is viewing females as more important, more powerful, and more spirtual than males. I agree with Tammy, it was good that females started to get more respect, but it has gone a little too far. I'm glad you posted something about this topic.

e-Mom said...

Thank you kindly for the mention!

Did you ever watch "Home Improvement" on TV? Originally, I thought it was hilarious, but my husband pointed out that the show was quite demeaning toward Tim. You're so right. Men are terribly disrespected in our society. A little (Biblical) understanding goes a long way...