Thursday, January 11, 2007

Okay, I do have a question over all this with my
mother. It is not actually a new one though, but
one that has simmered in my mind for about 23
years now and I just can't keep it contained any
longer. Why, oh why, must these doctors come in
and ask loudly, across a room full of people, the
following question. "Have you passed gas yet?"

Here you are, looking like a zombie, feeling like
a dirty dog, trying to look sweet, but failing
miserably, and this man has to yell this question
to you. Why can't they let the nurses quietly
sidle up to you and mouth the question and let you
give a small nod or shake in reply.

I mean, really. In our family we don't even use the
f*a*r*t word. We just toot. And my children were
not allowed to use the b*u*t*t word. We have
bottoms or bottom ends. Those things are just plain
crude. I can handle a good, solid, English d*a*m*n
as the Scarlet Pimpernel says at the end of his book,
but crudity is a no-no for me. And, really, passing
gas is very crude and not the thing I want my doctor
to ask me as I am recovering from surgery. In fact
it is probably the reason I had to stay in the
hospital so long after my c-sections. I was reeling
from having to answer that question.

Patients of the world unite with me in the fight to end
crude speaking by unfeeling doctors! Maybe a petition
is in order. I'll think on it.


Tammy said...

LOL...I agree! Have they no decorum?

And we don't use all those words for it, either here. Of course, ours might be worse...poopy noise.

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

Hi Laurie!
Thx for stopping by.

well, I don't do the dr. thing, until I'm forced to, & I hate having to chat about bodily functions.
I agree about the crudity, our students are not allowed to use any words about body parts or bodily functions in a crude way or, dishonoring manner. Discussions of all matters must be discreet & with the most polite language possible. The parents insist on punishment for crudeness & disrespect / dishonor (I don't mean capital punishment).
toot? I don't think my mother ever allowed it. My brother came up with the best description - fluff.

e-Mom said...

This post is so uncharacteristic of you!!! (Not the sentiment, but the language.) You have obviously felt quite undone by this event. How awful.

I admit, I'm with you completely. Recently, my 85 year-old father, described in detail the indelicate intricacies of taking his dear ailing wife to the bathroom in the hospital. What's happening to our sense of propriety??? I suppose it served as some sort of emotional escape valve for him, but must DOCTORS be so crass?

Perhaps they're just grown-up boys, still taking pleasure (in some perverse way) in bathroom talk. That must be it! :~)