Friday, January 19, 2007

Mayberry Happenings

Honestly I cannot help it. People are SO funny. I
should have the quote by the old Quaker at the top
of this blog. Someday I may take the time to add
it. "All the world is queer except for Thee and Me
and sometimes even Thee's a little queer."

I was in one of the local stores. I noticed that the
lady behind me had only one item and she was elderly.
She was hanging onto the side of the shelves as though
she were quite tired, so I asked her if she would like
to go ahead of me. She did want to and so I moved
aside for her. Then I got back in line. The person
checking out during all this time was an elderly man,
rather tall and a little bulky in overalls. He sure
looked to be the old farmer type.

He finished and left. Then it took awhile with the
lady in front of me because though she had only one
item the cashier (bless her heart) did what most
cashiers do. She gave the lady her bills and then
laid the change on top of it along with the receipt.
That meant the lady in front of me had to put it all
onto the counter, pick up the change, put it away,
pick up the bills, put them away and then pick up
the receipt and put it away. My dad has been on a
crusade for his whole life to get the cashiers to
hand the change back first, allow the customer to
put that in their pocket or purse and then hand
them the bills. He has been fighting a losing battle.

Finally the lady in front of me left. The cashier
(bless her heart) started to check me out. Just then,
the elderly man came back in. He said, "You gave me
too much change."

The cashier looked at him rather blankly so he held
out his hand and showed her, she recounted it and realized
she had given him $5 too much. So she took it back and
put it in the drawer. Then she said, very quietly, so
quietly I don't believe he could hear her. "Thank you."

After he left she said, "Not many are honest anymore."

I, being ever the optimist, countered with something I
had read some time ago. I said, "Well I read a study
that showed that people in the US are most honest about
returning lost wallets and overchange amounts than almost
anywhere else in the world."

She look surprised and replied, "Well, that's nice to know."

Then she sighed deeply and said, "Not many are honest


Tammy said...

This story made me smile. :)

Jenn said...

I didn't realize handing money back to the hand was a big deal....but I am proud to say that when I was a cashier, I handed the money back to their hand. I think one of the reasons why is because we didn't have a lot of coutner space.

Laurie said...

It's not the handing money into the hand, it's that it is much simpler to the customer if you hand the change first and let them deal with that, then hand the bills. You were a good cashier!

LeftCoastOnlooker said...

What I want to know is why parents aren't teaching this to their children anymore (I know I'm generalizing).
Recently, a child at church shared a blessing that they had found nearly $100 in a wallet & were excited about all they could do with that money.
When asked if they were going to return it to the person whose ID was inside the child said, "My daddy says, 'finders keepers'"
Believe you me, I was SHOCKED!

I hope they never find my purse on the front pew while I'm playing the piano - finders keepers

e-Mom said...

All the world is queer except for Thee and Me and sometimes even Thee's a little queer. I've just read this to my husband, and he laughed. LOVE it (and him.) A fun story.