Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monday night everyone was going to be out. I wanted
to visit G'ma Opal, but it was cold and windy and the
thought of staying in my warm house was very tempting.
I thought maybe a phone call would do the trick. When
I mentioned it though Kent sternly said, "You need to
go visit her." "Okay," I meekly replied.

We had a wonderful visit. We talked over dreams (as
in nighttime dreams) and gossiped and had a regular
good chat. She said something that just tickled me
a bunch.

It rained a lot last week. It started Thursday, we
had rain that day and night, then Friday and Friday
night,then Saturday and Saturday night, then Sunday
and Sunday night and then Monday morning. But on Monday
afternoon the clouds thinned a little and there were
little moments when the sun would burst in for a few
seconds. Grandma said, "You know I was down because of
all the rain and because of worrying over your mom and
then this afternoon I was sitting in my chair and the
sun popped out gloriously. I just jumped out of the
chair and danced a little jig and then grabbed my broom
and started sweeping the dirt out of the living room."

I do like her. I would like her even if she wasn't my
very own G'ma Opal! I hope sunshine makes me dance a
jig when I'm 96.


e-Mom said...

I hope sunshine makes me dance a jig when I'm 96. I say, Amen to that! (Does she know you tell us all these special things about her?) :~)

Laurie said...

e-mom, I've told her that I write about her, but I'm not sure she knows exactly what I mean. Someday, when she is here, I'll show her herself on the internet.

Billy and Jenn said...

She's so cool, I can just see her clicking her feet.